Seminars & Workshops

“My resource base has gotten stronger—turning connections into actual business.”

“I’m by far a stronger leader; I have a better understanding of how to use my influence in my organization more effectively, I’m a better strategist and much better at communicating my vision.”

Full day and multi-day seminars that focus on building your skills to Lead Yourself to Lead Others. These seminars inspire individuals to cultivate their vision, develop an influential voice and build a community of peers, mentors and experts to help them lead with confidence.
TAKE YOUR SEAT AT THE TABLE AND USE IT Developing leaders with a Vision, an Influential Voice and a Community to get results.
MAKE YOURSELF MEMORABLEEstablish trust by communicating competence to create new possibilities.
GETTING TO NEXT* – Embracing the exciting and rapid changes that occur in business and life, promoting the highest standards of professional conduct and achievement.
BECOMING A CREATING WE LEADER – Maximize each individual’s strengths, define a shared vision
Leading Yourself to Lead Others:  Session I
Developing a Leadership Profile:  Session II
INFLUENCING FOR CHANGE – Managing across boundaries of position, power or influence
Peer relationships: Session I
Managing subordinates: Session II
Managing superiors: Session III
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*Used with permission by Carole Hyatt