Welcome to The Link For You

The Link For You is about offering personalized, innovative leadership resources that inspire people to clarify their VISION, cultivate an influential VOICE and build a COMMUNITY of peers, mentors and experts to help them lead with confidence in order to get to the next level or place in their lives.

We believe that a great leader is a person who leads people to a purpose—but you must first master Leading Yourself so you can Lead Others effectively.

“Women do very well up through mid-management, racking up achievements through their ability to be tactical, multi task, and manage people but, when that early career success propels them into the senior positions, the game changes dramatically, and that is where leaders need a network of peers and mentors to help them flourish.” ~Cindy Tortorici, CEO/Founder The Link

The Link For You resources can guide you to creating the kind of Vision that will best serve your company’s needs and attract the results you desire:

  • Executive  Consulting to help you flourish, thrive and lead with confidence.
  • Full day and multi-day seminars and programs  including the landmark program “A Seat at the Table”.